Baku Ane Otouto Shibocchau zo! The Animation episode 1


The eldest daughter, Noemi, is a boy’s longing beauty insurance doctor. She is a popular gravure idol, her second daughter, Yurine.
Miss Campus’s sexy and cool beauty, the third daughter, Misakura. The glasses-based little girl is justice, the fourth daughter, Nadome.
The main character, Ryoshiro Hayasaki, who has such four older sisters, is a top-class soccer player who was once selected as the international youth representative from Japan.
However, he suffered a serious injury to his leg during a match and decided to rehabilitate at home.

The estranged older sisters are warmly welcomed and try to recuperate slowly, but the mischief of their clubmates causes them to change suddenly.
In fact, the older sisters had more emotions towards Ryoshiro than their younger brothers!
Among them, Yurion and Misakura, who have particularly strong feelings, behave ridiculously !?
With the rehabilitation as a trigger, the erotic temptation battle for the sisters’ Ryoshiro battle is about to begin!