Chikan Shita Joshikousei to Sonogo, Musaboriau you na Doero Junai episode 1


The main character is soon 30’s and she isn’t there, and He’s a salaryman who works like a normal person.
She is a cute girl who I see on the train every day.
She is well-developed, has a good waist, and has healthy flesh.
If I could marry such a cutie…
The Cutie is a heroine who often encounters molesters because of her appearance and her philanthropic personality, does not resist even if attacked, and gives up and accepts.
She is a girl who only knows xxx until now.
One day, she is her hero who finally gets molested by mc on the train.
The good news is that she doesn’t resist, she takes her to the hotel and acts.
But for the first time she experiences normal sex.
During that period, she first learned about the true feelings of sex, and her main character knew her young and irresistible body, plump bust and butt meat, homely and gentle, and actually erotic personality.
Sexual activity that makes you love each other and escalate.