Do You Know the Milfing Man? episode 1


The main character, “Shiga Kaito,” who lost her mother when she was young, longed for her mother-in-law, “Shiga Saya,” like her true mother. She is a beautiful and attractive mother-in-law that she can be proud of. Her longing for Saya gradually sublimates into her love. The days when her unforgivable feelings disturb her. Tamae rebukes Saya for something. Nao soothes the hearts of the ama who tend to feel depressed. Love, irritation, peace … Summer is about to begin, surrounded by three beautiful mature women who make the sea people feel strong in many ways … Tinker Bell’s blockbuster game “Mother-in-law’s Breath” has been animated! The sex appeal of her mother-in-law makes her immoral .