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Jutaijima episode 1

An isolated island in the sea.
The ship that I got on in the extracurricular class was wrecked, and female students Rei Kisaragi and Shiho Aima, and teacher Aoi Inoue were all “estrus” and turned into masturbation crazy.
According to Ichijo, a mysterious beauty with medical knowledge, it seems to be an infection symptom of a special virus.
And she says she needs to get the male semen into her body to slow down the virus’s progression, which would be fatal if left alone.
Shota, a hated person called “Kimo Otoko” at the school.

Rei, Shiho, and Aoi don’t like having a sexual relationship with Shota, but they can’t replace it with their lives.
Rei who is forced to ejaculate in the mouth with Deep Throating.

Aoi is ejaculated in the mouth with fucking from fucking.
Shiho is forced to masturbate and anani in front of Shota.
Ichijo, who is pushed up violently by Shota, incites Shota to be the savior of everyone.

Shota who gets vaginal cum shot in good condition. Seeing that figure, Ichijo smiled invincibly …