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Katainaka ni Totsui de Kita Russia Musume to H Shimakuru Ohanashi episode 1

“Kenichi Suzumura” who failed to get a job and returned to his parents’ house.
His younger brother came back with his wife when he was depressed.
His younger brother’s daughter-in-law “Alisa” is a foreign wife! White skin and bright blonde hair.
And the plump body steals the line of sight of good health!

… Hello, I’m Alisa.

A big butt that makes a plain knee-length skirt look like a miniskirt.
Big breasts that can be seen even through a knit sweater in a plain color.
Her face is as youthful as a girl, with an innocent smile and a healthy smile.
One day, my younger brother’s long-term business trip was suddenly decided.
Her remaining Alisa left her lust, she was comforting her every night. Ken was watching her figure while letting her bing. And a flashing erotic brain!
If you teach Alisa about Japanese culture and get close to her, you can have sex !? This is
a healthy and lascivious Japanese culture course.
If a ghost appears, wear a transparent white costume to remove the spirits!
If you can see the bottom of the hakama of the shrine maiden clothes, a white evil spirit will pop out!
At the end, it is Japanese etiquette to say thank you with a smile!
Do you also teach me Japanese culture? Spa Shiva! Thank you very much