Mugoku no Kuni no Alice episode 1


We got Alice, our mc, feeling all anxious and worried ’cause she got separated from her big sis in some straight-up strange room. Being alone in a place she don’t know got her distraught, .But check this : Alice ain’t one to back down. She gathered up all her courage and made a decision. She gonna bust outta that room and find her sister, no matter what. But hold up! As Alice took that first step, a thought straight-up creeped into her mind. It was like a warning, telling her to be careful ’cause some crazy-ass dangers might be lurking ahead. She couldn’t shake that uneasy feeling, knowing that the room could be crawling with freaky creatures and death traps. but Alice knew deep down that she had to face those challenges head-on if she wanted to solve the mystery and return.