OVA Kyonyuu Onna Shikan Sennou Saimin episode 2


Aaron straight-up nails it, fam! He uses the hypnotic device to dominate Captain Maria and extracts all the juicy deets about those “personnel reductions.” But here’s where things get real spicy: Aaron ain’t just satisfied with getting the info, nah, he’s all fired up ’cause he realizes he was a target too. So he goes all out, launching a counterattack on Maria. This dude right here, Aaron, he’s on a mission to takes revenge on Maria. And he’s got some seriously intense tactics lined up. He’s gonna make her beg for forgiveness. That’s right, he’s going all in, showing Maria who’s the boss. Lisa and Zenia, two other babes Aaron’s got under his control, they join in on the action too. They become Aaron’s crew, craving more and more of ultimate satisfaction.