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Rei and Fuko episode 1

2054 Tokyo.
Rei Kirizawa, Assistant Manager of the Special Investigation Department of the Metropolitan Police Department, commonly known as “Narcotics Special Investigation”. A talented investigator in the Seventh Division, whose mission is to investigate drugs and eradicate drug organizations in Tokyo.
She is a user of special electromagnetic batons, and her close combat technique is said to be the strongest in the “Metropolitan Police Department”. Her companion, Fuko Izumi, a new investigator with top-notch electronic technology.
The combination of Rei, a perfectionist who hit the scene, and Fuko, who grew up as a naive young lady and has a lot of omissions, mysteriously breathed in and overcame numerous shrines.

One day, they infiltrate the enemy hideout and get information about the drug organization “12 Angels”. Women trapped in the organization will be transferred to a certain place.
So they decided to infiltrate Shinjuku, the most dangerous city in Tokyo, overcoming the opposition of the chief of the seventh section, Goto. However, it was a trap of retaliation cleverly designed by the “12 Angel” boss Huanglong ….