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Sei Yariman Sisters Pakopako Nikki The Animation episode 1

Kenta, who had to stay at a relative’s house due to family circumstances, was reluctant to meet again after a long absence.
He is a manly Saki sister and a girlish Maki sister. This is because his twin beautiful cousins, who he once admired, live in this house.
And on the first day of my stay, I was surprised that the “sisters” became free-spirited white gal and black gal sisters who did not leave any remnants of those days, but for a while, the virgin was deliciously eaten by reverse ○○○ that night.

Of course, I’m around the age of having an extraordinary interest in such suspicious things, so if my longing twin sisters approach me, they will flourish like monkeys.
On the other hand, the sisters also took action while hiding each other’s excitement that seemed to be a little serious for the younger brother who turned the favor of the old man.