Shoujo Senki Soul Eater episode 1


“I will never lose to Chimera …!”

A beautiful girl, Enjo Mikoto, who was XXed in front of her mother and had her younger sister taken away, challenges the beasts to take revenge by using Soul Eater, which is held in her right arm with sequelae.
However, she is defeated by the leader of the beastmen, White Tiger.
A life that screams when her hymen is broken by a penis that is as big as her arm.
“Stop, I can’t enter that! It’s going to break!” The uterus was filled with the spouting semen, and the belly was swollen like a pregnant woman’s belly.
Furthermore, the white tiger’s subordinates mercilessly close all the holes with a meat stick.
“I can’t do it anymore … I’m dying …”

The unfocused eyes reflect the tragedy of the past … ”
Mom, mommy ah!”

The life to stand up, remembering.
The curtain of revenge opens with the endless ○○.