Ana no Oku no Ii Tokoro episode 1


“Sunao Janakutemo”
Kawakami and Megumi Asahina are classmates who are always fighting.
During the break, Kawakami unfortunately bumped into the teacher’s face when he threw it at Asahina.
The two who have touched the teacher’s reverse scale are forced to clean the warehouse jointly as a punishment.
Kawakami helped the place where the equipment leaned against fell to Asahina while cleaning.
However, although it was good to help him, Kawakami smashed his crotch and fainted.
Asahina who saw that figure felt her responsibility and held Kawakami’s dick for a massage …!?

“Deceiver Part 1”
Mother-in-law … I wonder when it began?
One day on a holiday, when the schedule changes and I go home, I hear a pant voice from my bedroom.
She was unbelievably dating a man her mother-in-law didn’t know.
Seeing her nasty appearance, her lower body was excited and ejaculated without permission.
No way, my mother-in-law, her longing mother-in-law … my favorite mother-in-law …
sadness, despair, hatred, various conflicts are mixed, and I stand stunned.
“Mother-in-law … Kyoko-sensei … Hibiki …- san”