Ana no Oku no Ii Tokoro episode 2


Kenji Shimada, a newly appointed teacher, approached his mother-in-law at a welcome party.
When Kyoko, who masturbated in the bathroom, opened the door, Shimada was standing there.
When he suddenly came in, he closed his mouth with his hand and forced him into his mouth.
Although he refuses, he cannot control his estrus.
He suffers from guilt, but the next day he is XXed by Shimada …

“Deceiver Part 2” Disciplined
Shimada, who was unmanned, to keep him away from his mother-in-law, and told him to resign.
Her mother-in-law also decided to take a break from her school because of her illness.
I pulled her mother-in-law naked and tied it up with a stripped rope, and first pushed a hose into her crotch to clean her vagina.
Her distorted emotions changed day by day.