No Waifu No Life! episode 2


Story 1 :So we got this neighbor, Yoshi’s mother, this woman is so damn sexy, it’s hard to keep eyes off her. And word on the street is, she’s into some freaky shit behind closed doors. Now, our mc Kazu has secretly been fantasizing about Shizuku and jerking off to the thought of her day and night.

Story 2 : Our MC, Ryoji, has had a personal maid named Fumi since he was little. After he grew up, Fumi became a married woman. When he comes home from a long day of work, her erotic moves are so damn intense that he can barely hold onto his sanity. But here’s the real kicker, These exclusive maids, they ain’t just there for cleaning and shit. It’s a whole tradition for them to get freaky with their masters, this master-servant relationship takes their connection to a whole new level.