No Waifu No Life! episode 1


This here’s the story of Marin, a newlywed lady who moved into a fresh pad with her hubby. Life was all sunshine and rainbows, until she realized the house manager was none other than Murai, her former baseball coach who used to harass her back in the day. Marin did everything in her power to stay away from that scumbag, but fate had other plans. Murai, that slimy bastard, manipulated a meeting between Marin, her husband, and himself. And that’s when things went from bad to worse. Murai, that cunning bastard, drugged Marin’s poor husband, leaving him knocked out and defenseless. With her man out of the picture, Murai saw his opportunity to pounce on his prey.

The second scenario, We got ourselves a mama here, known for her affectionate kisses and tender love for her son, Yuuri. But things are about to take a wild turn. One day, while indulging in her own pleasure, this mama gets caught red-handed by none other than Yuuri’s friend, Hiroki. That love this mama once had for her son, now turned to Hiroki. They both feel it, that magnetic pull that’s impossible to resist.