Yarakashi episode 1


So, we got this senior office worker named Hane Aoba. She’s all about helping her kohai and co-worker, Aki Kaminaga, get with his long-time crush, Atsuto Sugaya. But hold up, Hane’s got her own personal drama goin’ on too. She’s got a boyfriend and they’re about to tie the knot. So, one day, Hane and Aki hit up a bar together. But damn, that was a huge mistake, ’cause that their encounters gets her all hot and bothered. Before she knows it, she’s all up on Aki. Hane wants to pretend like it never happened. She’s all like, “Yo, Aki, let’s just forget about this mess.” But Aki ain’t havin’ none of that. Nah, he’s got other plans. He’s not about to let Hane off that easily. So, he starts seducing her again, right in the damn meeting room. Shit’s gettin’ real steamy up in here. Hane’s got her own drama with her soon-to-be hubby, but now she’s caught up in this twisted affair with Aki.