Hitozuma Koukan Nikki episode 2


I don’t seem to hold my wife lately. That’s completely in love with your favorite !!

Koichi loves his beautiful and gentle wife, Kanako, but she is not satisfied with her reluctance to live as a couple. There, I just got on the story of Kimihiko’s invitation, “Married Woman Exchange.”
Koichi was excited to see the gentle Kanako being raped by Kimihiko and facing her climax. When I saw Kanako in his bedroom, he was no longer the usual kind Koichi.

“I hate you! Stop you!”
Koichi screwed his angry thing into Kanako’s mouth. Koichi caresses Kanako in the back as it is.

“Koichi-san … don’t be so impatient …”
Kanako begged her for the first time. Kanako’s body, which is clearly changing, Koichi who reacts to it, and Kimihiko are preparing a new mechanism.