Konbini Shoujo Z episode 4

This time, the prey is Yuki Isshiki, a convenience store manager.
Lay traps, grab weaknesses, and corner them.
1. When you come to the store, you can handle the cash register. First of all, you should increase the chances of visiting the store.
Let your guard down with casual communication and increase their willingness to buy.
2. Grasp the customer’s preference. Guide the conversation and find out they  want.
3. Purchase of products. We receive items that customers want to pick up.
Display it on the product shelves.
4. Now, set the surveillance camera. Prepare to control the shoplifting site prior to the target’s visit., and cross-examination.
Catch their luggage and touch their body to recover the stolen goods . One by one, they peel off the clothes, and then…