Konbini Shoujo Z Episode 3


to the shoplifter, the iron hammer of sexual righteousness.
a convenience store is transformed into a box garden of condemnation…
the store it operated had a reputation for having the “top three shoplifting rates in the nation.”
after being held accountable by headquarters, “i” finally steer to retaliate against the shoplifter…
store manager: “i will be the one who will harm the perpetrator”
this time, the prey is yankure mama, yajima asaka. set traps, grasp weaknesses, and hunt them down.
1. when you visit the store, cash register correspondence. first of all, you should increase the opportunities to visit the store. calm your guard down with casual communication and increase your willingness to buy.
2. know your preferences. steer the conversation and ask what you want.
3. purchase of goods. items that customers want to pick up are in stock. display it on the shelves.
4. set the surveillance camera. be prepared to seize the shoplifting scene ahead of the target’s visit.
5. securing and interrogation. in order to recover the stolen goods, i fished my luggage and touched my body. one by one, i peeled off my clothes, and…
yajima: “shoplifting? hah, you’re kidding. do it. i’m not that poor. beaten up?”