Yelan is here! (Striptease version)


In the depths of winter 2022, a new hentai emerged from the shadows, causing a stir amongst anime fans. “【動画】夜蘭さんはいります❣【脱衣バージョン】” is a 9-minute-long animated feature that explores the seductive side of Yelan, a beloved character from the popular game Genshin Impact.

Produced by the renowned animation studio Consome, this hentai is a sensual and erotic parody that takes Yelan’s character to new heights of excitement. Clad in her iconic red dress, Yelan takes to the stage to perform a dance routine, only to slowly reveal her alluring body with each passing moment.

With exquisite animation that accentuates every curve of Yelan’s body, this hentai is a masterpiece of sensual artistry. The creators have spared no detail, from the subtle movements of Yelan’s body to the expression on her face as she sheds her clothes one by one.

While this hentai is not for the faint of heart, it is a playful and fun take on Yelan’s character that is sure to delight fans of anime and erotic content alike. “【動画】夜蘭さんはいります❣【脱衣バージョン】” is a cinematic experience that will leave viewers breathless and yearning for more.