ToLOVE Ru Diary Teacher



This 3d hentai presents a love story between the protagonist and a kind, motherly blonde teacher. Although they cannot express their true feelings properly, they engage in sexual activity every day. The future of their love remains uncertain.

You can indulge in a unique H-scene for each of the seven days, with each scene offering multiple angles to explore. The situations vary, including handjob, footjob, fellatio, masturbation, titjob, and more.

The scenes are fully voiced and accompanied by realistic and erotic sound effects. The handjob scene is binaurally recorded, providing an incredibly lifelike experience when enjoyed with headphones.

You can begin the experience at any point with the date selection mode, and the Scene Gallery mode is available from the start. Unfortunately, there is no save function.

This product is designed to be customized to your preferences. The sample features one of the seven days, and the voice actor is Yuka Hinata.