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Princess Knight Catue episode 1

The land of dragons “Dragundara”.
The dragon that once ruled this country disappeared with the passage of time, and now there are descendants who look the same as humans.

–Cature, the princess of such a country.
Following the conventions of her country, she completed her journey to earn her supreme knight title, the Dragoon, and returned to her beloved king and queen, and to the kingdom where her fiancée awaits.

However, the Katyu was greeted by the devastated Dragundara Castle and countless corpses.
In her astonishment and confusion, she barely rescues her maid Anna, who was attacked by a dragon in the castle, but she faints shortly after hearing about her circumstances.

What appeared in front of her stunned Katyu was the demons.
The demon, who calls himself Guignol, tells in a humorous tone that he has attacked Dragundara at the command of the demon king who plans to conquer the world.
And to that end, he said that the people of the kingdom were transformed into dragons by an old covenant, and those who could not become dragons were pounded then killed. Upon hearing that, Katya rages and slashes at Guinol, but her weapon is destroyed in front of the overwhelming power of her demons, and at one point she admits her defeat …

Guinol offers a deal to play. “If I could complete all my orders for seven days. I will return the king and queen, return the people who have turned into dragons to the original human beings, and let us retreat.”

Katya is skeptical that there is something wrong with her remarks that seem to have potential.
However, she has no other way to resist Guignol and has no choice but to drink that condition.

And from that moment, the hell of sexual intercourse of Katyu , who took pride as a knight and the life of his family, begins!

–First day.
The first order was to serve the soldiers of the Kingdom of Dragundara, who were injured in battle to protect the country.
A cutie who takes out the cock by himself, squeezes it with his hands, licks it, sucks it, and catches the semen with his mouth.
The soldiers lose their restraint in their healthy appearance, stick out the meat sticks one after another and rub them against the lewd meat named Katya.
Eventually, Katya will be transformed into a cloudy juice-covered figure …!

However, one of the people Katya wants to help …
even Nina, her mother and queen of the Kingdom of Dragundara, is cunningly hunted down by Guinol and poisoned.
Nina is tossed with her plump milk and illuminates her ripe her body contrary to her own will.
She fucks as ordered, she masturbates in front of the hated Guignol, and even exposes her incontinence climax.
However, Katya has no way of knowing that her mother is being tasted such XX.

–the 2nd day.
A prisoner of war pulled out in front of Katya waiting for Guignol’s orders.
It was Jin, a fiancé who vowed for the future and communicated with each other.
A angry and shivering Katyu, she has to bend her knees before Guignol’s threat.
And a new Guignol’s order is told as if to revenge.
…… It was to mate with the pig people, who had an ugly appearance and a stinking body.
The testicles, which are about the size of a face, are squeezed with an obscene mouth, and the secret part is sucked by the tongue entwined with the netri …
And finally, the cutie is in front of my beloved Jin …!