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Princess Knight Catue episode 3

“If I can endure it for three more days …!”

Princess Katya of Dragundara, the land of dragons.
It’s already been four days since she was bet that if she could complete all the orders of the demon Guinol for seven days, she would be able to retreat the demon army that had defeated the kingdom.

She has 3 days left.
However, Katya continued to make her pleasure bloom in the XX that she had received so far …
She was afraid of such changes in her body.

Behind the scenes, Guignol’s mother, Nina, has been pounded and depraved.
And her devil’s hand extended to her darling, Jin, in her cutie.
However, there is no way for a cutie who can only endure XX every day to know such a thing.

How safe is King Lawrence, who hasn’t shown up yet?
What is the true purpose of the drunken hedonist Guignol?
And what is the secret hidden in Katya’s body …!?

The curtain of 7 days full of lust and anguish finally comes down–!