OVA Midareuchi episode 1


Our main heroine is Kaori. One day, she started getting all worried about her friend Ami, who had been ghosting their club activities. Determined to find out what the hell was going on, Kaori decided to pay Ami a visit at her crib, bringing along her ride-or-die boyfriend, Masaya. Little did they know that this visit was about to take them on a rollercoaster ride of twisted secrets and mind-blowing pleasure. As Kaori stepped inside Ami’s house, she could feel the tension in the air, like a tennis racket about to snap. Ami’s caught in the act with some random dude, like they’re auditioning for a scandalous reality show. Kaori’s mind is blown, she’s all like, “What the actual hell?” It’s a scene straight out of a soap opera, and she’s stuck in the middle of it, unable to process the madness. She’s ready to bolt, but before she can make her grand escape, Mr. Stranger turns his beady eyes towards Kaori. After that freaky-deaky incident, Kaori finds herself going through some seriously messed-up changes, especially when it comes to her involvement with the tennis club. It’s like she’s entered the Twilight Zone.