OVA Midareuchi episode 2


Our girl Kaori has been acting all sorts of strange during her club activities, and her boyfriend Masaya, bless his clueless heart, finally starts to catch on. It’s like he’s got a PhD in “detecting girlfriend’s weirdness.” Way to go, Masaya! Now, here’s where things take a hilarious turn. One fine day, Kaori’s having segs with Ryo. Ami, the troublemaker extraordinaire, comes up with a corker of an idea. She suggests having a “study session” with Masaya. Turns out to be a masterclass in deception and shenanigans. Kaori is on the verge of… well, let’s just say things are about to get steamier than a hot bowl of ramen. Meanwhile, Ami decides to give Masaya special treat. In the midst of this whirlwind of emotions, Kaori, with her desire meter off the charts, looks Masaya in the eye and begs him to hold her tight, and she’s ready to party with Masaya like there’s no tomorrow!