Ojou-sama Yomeiri Kousou! episode 1


Two love letters that arrived to Mamoru Tianhe.
When I went to the rooftop of the meeting place written in the letter, there were two different types of girls.
It is a Western doll-style Kurosaki Tomoe with twin tails of Yamato nadeshiko’s sumi cherry blossoms and platinum blonde with neat black hair.
Looking at the love letter that Mamoru was holding, the two realized that they would confess to the same man, pulling out their swords and holding their pistols to face each other.
Mamoru is confused by the sudden development. They were the top daughters of the Mafia and the gangsters who divided the city into two parts.
She thinks that Sakura will do H before her scarlet tomoe against the unsuccessful protection of her attitude.
Sakura, who has been invited to her health room, draws her guardian’s hand to her own chest, calling her a doctor.