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Panty Flash Teacher episode 1

Machiko Natsukawa, whose father is a city council member, returns to her hometown school as a new teacher. And on the first day of her school, Machiko discovers two students sitting on the floor eating and drinking on the tram to her school. She was Machiko who went to pay attention to the two students, Ishino and Iizuka, but she was hit by an unexpected counterattack. She had her skirt rolled up in the car, exposing her to the public.

Machiko managed to escape and take her first step at her school. And she reappears in front of her taking her attendance in the class she is in charge of, Ishino and Iizuka. It was Uoi’s voice in the same class who helped Machiko, who was about to be violent by Ishino in her classroom. However, this Uoi was the person who stood on top of Ishino and his colleagues. Machiko gradually falls into their trap …
The fate of the panchira teacher Machiko is …! ??