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Kuroinu: Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru episode 2

Olga and Chloe’s pant voice echoes in the black castle that was hijacked by Volt.
Olga and Chloe are dragged from the depths of their bodies by the “Black Dog Mercenary Corps”.
The expression that distorts in pain eventually turns into an ecstatic one … The Queen, who lost her pride as an aide, becomes a female pig who seeks a man herself.
The Black Dog Mercenary Corps, which invaded Queen Olga’s country, relocates its base there and turns its fangs to the former alliance army “Seven Shield Alliance”.
Women all over the country declared the founding of a “serving nation” that would sexually serve the unspecified number of men who visited.

The “Fort of 1” that Volt first targeted.
Due to the betrayal of the Minister, Bearsley, Alicia, the knight captain, becomes a prisoner from the fort where the castle falls easily.
Alicia is tossed by Bearsley, promising the safety of Prim, the princess of the “Fort of 2” who longs for herself like her sister.
Alicia trembles with humiliation and anger, but her body gradually adapts to Bearsley’s escalating perverts … and eventually she begins to scream sweetly.
And she finally kneels in front of Volt, covered with semen.
However, there is no prim that he should have protected by showing himself …

All the women of the Seven Shield Alliance say that the declaration of the founding of a terrible service nation is neither a lie nor an exaggeration. You will know for yourself.