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Kuroinu: Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru episode 3

Black Dog Mercenary Corps, led by Volt, who invaded Queen Olga’s country, declares the establishment of a “service nation.”
It is a country where all women belonging to the nation provide sexual service to men.
Chloe, Olga, Alicia, Prim …
Claudia stares north at the Six Forts.

Celestine shows an uneasy look on the white castle / balcony.
The invasion of the mercenary corps was approaching to a point where it could no longer be stopped …

Maia regained consciousness between the Black Tower and the Throne.
She was bravely struggling to protect children and old people in the city of the Four Forts, but now she is being raped in place of the old mercenaries.
“… A service nation … a joke, Volt …”
Volt continues to ruthlessly commit Maia, who is stunned by her secret love.
On the spectacle stand of the collapsed five forts, Central Square.

” This! The collar of the seal makes it impossible to resist and is made into a crucifixion.
Lou Lou is robbed of his virginity by a troll with a huge Nani and fainted by a more vicious Minotaur.
And I was held by the
cyclopes … “I can’t do it! It’s absolutely impossible! I’ll die, I’ll die like this !!”
Three forts in a completely destroyed state. Kaguya was taken to the black castle.

“No matter how much you free my body … I can’t take away this heart dedicated to Kami.” With
a fearless smile on his strength, Volt summons Akaoni and Aooni to rob him of his virginity. , Leads to the climax very easily.
He then crawls insects on his hips and lays eggs with aphrodisiacs …

“… every woman in this country becomes a product that serves a man, even if it is a rebirth of a holy knight or goddess. But. “