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Kuroinu: Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru episode 4

Volt, who leads the giant mercenary corps Black Dog, declares the establishment of a “service nation.”
Maia is XXed by the Black Dogs. Lou Lou is pounded by the Cyclopes.
And Kaguya who invites Volt and others in front of the shrine maiden and raises a voice of joy.
“Service nation” … It was a question of the sanity that all women belonging to the nation would sexually serve men.

Black castle / dungeon. A figure walking in front of the drooling Claudia stops.
You can see the face of General Grave, a heavyweight of the Six Forts.
“My father-in-law …!”
“My son, Klaus, is seedless … It is the work of the married woman to leave the excellent blood of the prestigious Levantine family … Claudia, give birth to a child!
” Claudia doubts her father’s words. Regardless, General Grave commits his son’s wife.
Claudia’s body reacts to the sense of immorality and ○○ violated by his father-in-law, contrary to reason, and reaches the climax.
And her footsteps tremble in her ears trembling with the fear of her vaginal cum shot. If you look, you can see her beloved husband, Klaus.
The scream of her refusal is also empty, and Claudia gets vaginal cum shot in front of her husband.
(Semen other than that person … Semen was put out in the womb … It was in front of that person … Oh … Forgive me …)
Klaus and Claudia in tears of despair. A large amount of semen poured into her general will flow out of the secret place forever.
Eight naked women are serving mercenaries in the goddess’s hall filled with aphrodisiac incense.

Former women who lost their self-control to continue to serve with their tongue, chest, and vagina.
Her Alicia and her Prim continue to lick one penis from her left and right while being poked from behind her.
Her Maia and her Claudia also fucking one penis from the left and right.
Her Kaguya keeps screaming indecent words as she is pierced through two holes.
Her hugging Olga and her Chloe squeeze each other’s tongue and rub their chests, each squeezing a mercenary’s penis in the vagina.
The semen showers released all at once echo the roar of women pushed up to the climax.