Kuroinu: Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru episode 1


Eos, a plain located to the west of the continent of Serenus. The battle between the allied army and the demon army, which had been held for hundreds of years around the seven forts on the northern border, was finally completed after the weakening of the power of the dark elf queen Olga. It seemed to enter a certain phase.
Under the call of the goddess’s reborn High Elf, the alliance army that formed the “Seven Shield Alliance” and continued to resist the demon army, in order to fight this battle from beginning to end, the mercenary corps “Black” headed by the main character Volt Ask the Inu Mercenary Corps to avant-garde a total war.

Olga, whose power began to decline, had no way of curbing the onslaught of the Black Dog Mercenary Corps.
Olga becomes a prisoner with her aide, Chloe. Olga and Chloe’s pant voice echoes in the black castle that was hijacked by Volt.
Olga and Chloe are dragged from the depths of her body by the black dog mercenaries.
The expression, which is distorted by pain, eventually turns into an ecstatic one … The two who lost their pride as a queen and her aide become female pigs who seek men themselves.

The Black Dog Mercenary Corps, which invaded the Demon Army, is based in the black castle that it has attacked, and turns its fangs to the former alliance army “Seven Shield Alliance”.
Surprise, hurry, resentment, sadness … The alliance’s people were skeptical of the declaration made by Volt, who leads the mercenary corps, to the alliance’s various reactions.
Declaration of the founding of a “service nation” where women all over the country provide sexual service to an unspecified number of men who visit.
The women will know for themselves that this declaration of founding is neither a lie nor an exaggeration.