Isekai Kita no de Special Skill de Zenryoku Ouka Shiyou to Omou The Animation episode 3


The wicked adventure of a hero who found himself trapped in an endless loop of mind-blowing sex with the seductive succubae, Succun, continues!. Our hero, known simply as “The Horny Hero,” was a fearless and insatiable warrior, always on the hunt for pleasure. Little did he know that his insatiable desires would lead him down a path of pure debauchery.  It all began one fateful night, he gets trapped in dream because of Succun’s spell. But here’s where things get real. Brody wakes up from his dream, still burning with desire for Succun. He’s determined to make their fantasies a reality, and he’s not backing down. He’s got that fire in his eyes, ready to explore the depths of pleasure with Succun in the real world. Just as Brody is about to make his move, fear grips Succun. She’s terrified of the consequences, the unknown, and what it means to give in to her desires. She tries to push Brody away. But Brody ain’t backing down. He’s determined to show Succun that they can face their fears together, embracing the passion that burns between them. Just when things are heating up, a mysterious dark-haired beauty appears before them, snatching Succun away from Brody mc.