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Kanojo wa Dare to demo Sex Suru episode 2

Rough sex with a physical education teacher, service to a condominium manager, Erika who is messed up by men at a sweaty construction site.
Kazuhiro couldn’t refuse the record clerk even if he was shown all the details.
In front of the internet cafe room, Kazuhiro gently calls out to a virgin-style guest.

“Okay, vaginal cum shot, can you do it with my girlfriend for 1,000 yen per shot …”
Kazuhiro vacates the room and shows Erica who is blindfolded and vibes masturbating to the customer who feels sluggish.
Seeing Erika who is tired of wanting a real penis, the customer inserts it without hesitation.
And he paid an additional 10,000 yen and devoured Erika’s body many times ….
And at the end of the summer vacation, Kazuhiro and Erika will finally overlap their bodies …