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Kanojo wa Dare to demo Sex Suru episode 1

Erika is confused by the sudden confession from Kazuhiro, who was secretly thinking about it.
Erika says that the reply will be after the teacher who looks around has returned, and Kazuhiro is pushed into the shadow of the bookshelf.
After that, Kazuhiro, who was wondering, saw Erika, who was pleased to be violated by the physical education teacher Genda.
Despite being confused, Kazuhiro is excited to be shown the actions of Genda and Erika.

When Genda, who has finished sperm in Erika’s vagina, leaves the place, Erika tells Kazuhiro that she loves sex.
And Erika asks Kazuhiro to record her sexual activity in a video …
Kazuhiro was still associated with Erika’s sexual activity, even though she was made to record the rough sex with a physical education teacher, the service to the condominium manager, and the appearance of being messed up by the men at the sweaty construction site.