An anime where a female magician learns the magic of pleasing a man through hypnosis


Japanese Title: 女魔法使いが男を喜ばせる魔法を催眠で学ぶアニメ

A chick wizard rolls into town, hearing that she can learn some kickass spells for her everyday needs, and she ends up at your doorstep.

“Oh, so you’re the one who can teach me magic?”

You bet your sweet ass, babe. I can definitely show you a thing or two. As I respond, I throw in a little hypnotic mojo.


No matter how badass you think you are with your magic skills, a sudden hypnotic enchantment like this catches you off guard, and you’re all like, “What the fuck just happened?”

“Now, I’m gonna teach you a spell that’ll make any dude’s head spin with pleasure. So get ready, babe.”

With a wicked grin, I reach out my hand towards your smoking hot witchy body…