Makai Kishi Ingrid: Re episode 1


Tokyo, the magical city where the existence of darkness, Chimimoryō, is eroding.
Kunoichi of Justice, darkness and darkness begin to move violently in the shadow where Taimanin and others are active —

Uncover the betrayal of the magician, Samato Kiryu, who was a compatriot of Nomad, a force of darkness, and escape Makai Knight Ingrid chasing Kiryu.
However, when Kiryu strikes back at the dark church hidden in the skyscraper, Ingrid becomes a prisoner.
Burning revenge, Kiryu destroys Ingrid’s noble soul and traps a flock of Chimimōryō who has a grudge against Ingrid in an attempt to lure her boss, the vampire Edwin Black.
Ingrid has become a captive.
His limbs are brutally polluted … !!!