A doting boyfriend wants to soothe his tired girlfriend – The Motion Anime


Japanese Title: -ApaMotion- 溺愛彼氏はお疲れ彼女を癒やしたい 〜マッサージごっこからの甘々えっち〜 The Motion Anime

As the day of grueling overtime came to an end, I, Sae, returned home. My boyfriend, Takafumi, who had arrived earlier, showed his concern by saying, “I’ve prepared dinner, so go take a bath first.” I gladly accepted his kindness and proceeded to relax in the bath and enjoy my meal.

But then, I suddenly felt a heaviness in my shoulders. I recalled that I had a small vibrator I had received as a prize for something. We had jokingly talked about it being something you’d see in an adult video, but I had never used it and just stashed it away. However, I thought it could serve as a makeshift massager and help with my shoulder stiffness.

Takafumi noticed me massaging my shoulders and said, “Feeling stiff? Let me give you a massage.” I hesitated, knowing he would go above and beyond to take care of me, but in the end, I decided to leave it in his hands…