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Papa Love episode 1

Because I love my dad ♪

The Kizaki family whose wife, Sae, has taken two of the four sisters out.
The remaining Haruki and Hika / Ayame are in trouble every day …
“Hmm, I’m thinking about masturbation even though I have a daughter, this semen making machine.
” flower.
“Hey, hey, my dad is a man … it’s a physiological phenomenon, isn’t it?”
Natural eldest daughter, Ayame, was working hard to defend Haruki. However, one day, Haruki, who fell asleep on such Ayame ,

hugged him by mistake as his wife …
“No, no, dad, I’m in trouble, this is no good.”
Unlike those days, the situation of being embraced as a woman is a polar point of confusion.
“My dad is also lonely, isn’t he?” Ayame
decides to be alone because of Haruki’s warmth.

Press on.
“Can I do that? Tell me, so that I can be better than my mom … to my dad’s taste.”