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Papa Love episode 2

Because I love my dad’s pants ♪

Hika was spending a blissful time while relaxing her daddy’s pants on the bed and burying her supple fingertips in a childish bulge.
However, a few minutes after she opened her eyes in astonishment, she … faced a big dad.
While screaming at her dad asking her reason, Hika who got angry in the opposite direction …
“Even you’re licking rubber after having sex with your mother.”

Daddy’s words, “I’m not a metamorphosis,” involuntarily rushing into the thrown “You’re also a friend,” remarks, struck the heart of Hika more than I expected.

Hika who seems to cry … Daddy who followed such Hika strips off the forbidden rotten tangerine.
“Show me the evidence … Wow, try it with me.”

I can’t afford to think about what happened to my daughters, and the approaching Hika appeals to the “first JK”.

Daddy was about to lose himself in the irresistible and fascinating words, but he managed to stop there … but he couldn’t deceive him and ended up pouring more oil on the fire …
“You can’t just look at my daughter’s secret and do nothing.”

It was Hika straddling the threatened and pressed dad.