Chinetsu Karte episode 1


A room in a certain hospital. Takumi, an inpatient, is a boy who looks like a baby and looks pure.
Shiori, the nurse in charge, was so skillful and kind.
One day, Shiori skillfully teaches her study, which is a skillful trap. Shiori visits the hospital room with her reference book and is shown a disproportionate, dark-skinned erection on her young face ….
Shiori realizes the meaning of “study” that Takumi says, but she cannot refuse the request of a naive boy and ends up helping masturbation with her hands. Moreover, her skillful demands gradually escalated, and she suddenly accepted her desire to hold her cock with her face ….
She once bathes her face with a skillful cloudy liquid, and the swell of her pleasure attacks Shiori who was innocent.
Finally, she accepts a sharp cock as she expected, and Shiori’s body drowns in pleasure, contrary to her heart.

After that, Shiori, who was severely trained and skillfully afraid, wants her wife Tokiko to change her charge.
Tokiko, who despised Takumi as a pure boy, is easily raped by Takumi’s poisonous fangs, trained, and becomes captivated by Takumi’s intention to lead.
And Tokiko skillfully talks about how her charge changed, and when she learned that, she came up with the idea that Shiori was to be disciplined.