Chinetsu Karte episode 2


Takumi, a patient who has sex with a beautiful nurse, Tokiko, in a hospital room. After things are over, Takumi treats Tokiko coldly. She said she didn’t have to come from tomorrow because she got tired of it.
There was a person who was watching the situation. That person was Mamiya, a beautiful doctor who recently appeared on TV.

Mamiya later appeared in front of Takumi smoking a cigarette on the rooftop. Mamiya approaches Takumi as a false illness, but Takumi treats Takumi lightly.
Mamiya regrets being defeated skillfully, but she remembers having sex in the hospital room and couldn’t stop her body from getting hot. And she is Mamiya comforting herself.

Mamiya invites Takumi to her office in the name of an interview. With Shiori in charge. Mamiya didn’t know. Shiori is also skillfully entwined.