Genmukan 2: Shinshou Genmukan episode 1


“Genmukan” is surrounded by flames due to the tragedy of love and hate.
Three months after the building went up in flames … The detective Satoru Kido, who was the party concerned, lived comfortably with Nozomi Watase, the survivor, and Mei Nakayama, the president of the office.

Nozomi who came to the detective agency with a gentle word from his favorite Kido.
But am I really useful for Kido? Is there a place here? Maybe he really just called me with compassion …
While repeating his own questions, Kido accepted all of his hopes.

Mei saw the scene, and she was living an indescribable day.
Mei realizes her feelings and conveys her feelings to Kido with her support. She was finally tied to her long-cherished Kido.

But no one could have predicted that it would be the beginning of a new story