Genmukan 2: Shinshou Genmukan episode 2


Nozomi who received ○○ in the basement of Genmukan by Imada.
Kaoru who appears there tells her that “Lady Ayano is alive.”
Hope that hurt my body and soul. Kido rushes to rescue her when she thinks of her Kido but realizes that her whereabouts are not there.
Kido, who accepted her desire to be on the side of Kido who was worried about her while she was tattered, and Kido, the two of them overlapped. Meanwhile, Mei was also taught the pleasures of her woman by her scent.
Around that time, at a certain hospital, Ayano, who was unconscious, had a faint voice leaking and reacting …

When Kido and his group hear that the missing Ayano is alive, they go to a hospital. Ayano certainly kept sleeping there, although her body was growing.
Ayano who grew up due to the collapse of the building and the shock of blood transfusion … Did she call everyone with the voice that I heard from time to time? Then, it turns out that there was a reaction for a certain period of time.
When Nozomi feels sexually, Ayano may also feel it. Four people who pile up their bodies under Kaoru’s suggestion. And Ayano who wakes up faintly.
Still not waking up … So next time I decided to try direct contact …
Will Ayano wake up? Shinsho / Genmukan, a lewd drama of love and hate, a dignified completion here!