Watashi ga Toriko ni Natte Yaru episode 1


■ “Shachi grampus”
A small boy from the swimming club who was ordered by a classmate to put a camera in the changing room of the swimming club and take a voyeur.
He feels a figure entering the changing room and hides in a locker in a hurry, but is discovered by Shiho of the swimming club.
He takes a rest. I thought, but Shiho continues to talk with her friend Saki as if nothing had happened.
In the blind spot of the locker that Saki can’t see, Shiho crawls her hand in the crotch of a rising little man and squeezes it violently. Saki’s boyfriend, Shun, of the track and field club of “Shachi Reverse” is a big bloomers fetish

However, he was also interested in swimsuits, so he showed himself in a bathing suit on the roof of the school.
The reaction was beyond imagination, and Saki was rubbed her chest unreasonably by the excited Shun, and she was rubbed violently on the verge of being squeezed !!
At that time, another student came up to the rooftop and it was halfway. I was forced to end the act in the state.
Saki, who couldn’t control her desire, moved to her women’s changing room with Shun.
Starting with a careful foreplay, the two people straddle Shun’s body and join together. Saki who has been ejaculated in her vaginal cum shot and culminated in a fierce counterattack by Shun with her cheeks inflated !!