Toshoshitsu no Kanojo: Seiso na Kimi ga Ochiru made The Animation episode 3


Yukiha Serizawa, who was attacked by a janitor of a horny beast because of her kindness, was often called as a sexually processed meat onaho from that day.
She couldn’t resist and was pounded On the day of her first date with her boyfriend.
It wasn’t the boyfriend who visited her home, but the man who was a janitor.
Yukiha is distracted by her fashionable clothes for her date and is sent to Naka.
She is ruthlessly sent to her boyfriend with the juice stored in it, but she is called during the date and is arbitrarily fucked in a public toilet.
She hates “She has to come back soon”, but she is easily disgusted, and if a raw stick is inserted, the body becomes sensitive enough to blow the tide with each stick …!?