Gakuen Shimai episode 2


Sosuke, Arisa, and Mika, who lived under one roof. One week has passed since then. After school, Sosuke, who was alone in the classroom, Arisa came in.
She dared to ask me to be a model, and she was willing to accept it. When she showed the pictures taken with a digital camera one by one, the scene of Arisa that was taken yesterday at the end was projected …
I tried to hide it, but Arisa tried to take it away. At the end of the question and answer, the two collapsed, and their faces were approaching the distance where their lips were just touching. Arisa’s body doesn’t know anything yet and everything is her first experience … On the other hand, behind Mika was a dubious trio. Their mouths are loose and laugh improperly … Can the three of us have a friendly and peaceful school life !?