Oide yo! Shiritsu Yarima x Rigakuen episode 2


The meat stick that I took in the school was invited by Nana-chan of countless bitch JK, but the only male student who could not drop it, when I heard that the virgin chairman Mira had fallen into a squirrel, I immediately went to the health room It was Nana who attacked her sleep and sucked on the meat stick. However, due to the masculineness of the meat stick, on the contrary, his forcibleness that flirts with Nana-chan and the body that immediately screams at the meat stick made him cry with joy that he had never tasted before … …

Mira-san got to know such a fierce activity with Nana-chan. I didn’t become my lover, so I forcibly sucked his cock … I didn’t hesitate to use such a horizontal spear, and then I pressed my hips like a human vibe with face sitting. Nana rubs … The meat stick battle between the two bitch JKs has begun …?