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Oide yo! Shiritsu Yarima x Rigakuen episode 1

Due to the sudden change in school rules, the school became safe with the new grading system. At first, the embarrassing students quickly adapted, and when it was time for a break, they got into a frenzy of squirming. Among them, Nana Yarima, who attracts the attention of boys, was walking around the meat stick one after another. With such a frenzy, the student council president, Mira, who boasts a beautiful appearance and always top grades,
Therefore, every day I’m lonely, I can’t be called out by anyone, and I’m just exposed to the eyes of envy. When she heads to the rooftop, a place where she can heal her loneliness, there is a ferocious cock.
Astonished Mira approaches to complain to a man who is erecting while sleeping in his favorite place, andbefore that, he begins to seriously observe the meat stick …