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Oide yo! Shiritsu Yarima x Rigakuen episode 3

Shizuru-chan, who is younger but jumpy, is a beautiful girl JK with a bob. She was a girl called Iron Maiden, a virgin virgin, because she was surprised when she was spoken to and she ran away in a hurry. Shizuru-chan, who doesn’t care about her situation, is actually extremely nervous. And … with a leak. was. Shizuru-chan’s essential item that makes her nervous anytime and anywhere is … diapers. Her secret skirt was covered with a bulge of water-absorbing polymer, and she was relieved to leak during class.

It is the old school building that I arrived at to escape from Mr. Mira, the chairman of Kiyoshi, to meet with Shizuru-chan.
This place, which is usually empty, was the best place to be alone, away from Mr. Mira, who is disciplined like a caretaker wife.
He managed to escape today and rushed to the bathroom with relief
…. “Hi, hii … sorry, don’t be violent, ohhhhh!”
He was surprised at the sudden screaming plea. In front of me, I left the door of the private toilet open, removed the diapers, crouched down, and rubbed my crotch with my fingertips.
But what was even more astonishing was the disproportionately large, fist-sized anal beads sticking out of her cute ass.
“You should take down your skirt because you won’t attack.” He followed him like a gentleman, but Shizuru got angry.
“Oh, I like the diaper girl …?”
With a regrettable and embarrassing expression, Shizuru-chan stood up quickly and lifted the hem of her skirt to expose her bare crotch …