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Reward Diary of a Spectacled Teacher

“Eye Glasses-Wearing Teacher’s Gratitude Diary” (Japanese title: 眼鏡っ娘先生のごほうびダイアリー) is a new 3d hentai set to air on February 4th, 2023. The animation is produced by Amelialtie Studio and has a runtime of 48 minutes. This hentai is part of the winter 2022 season lineup.

The show follows the story of an eye glasses-wearing teacher and their daily life as they navigate their profession and personal life. This series is said to be a dickwarming tale about the joys and challenges of being a teacher.

A bespectacled governess offers you naughty rewards while you sit at your desk by the window with the sun shining through the trees. She looks at you with trembling sensitivity and shy vulnerability. Enjoy a intimate moment with the glasses-wearing teacher as subjective images unfold throughout the film. Designed for those who work hard, the main character is you. Take a break from work or study and let your teacher heal you with your preferred reward whenever you need it. The subjective nature of the film allows you to experience a simulated intimate experience with just the two of you. Your bespectacled teacher will gently pamper you.