NocturnaL episode 2


After their last encounter, Eto was left high and dry with no contact from Yoru. This dude was straight-up fiending to see her. So, he plopped his ass on a cold bench under the night sky, yearning for Yoru’s. Outta nowhere, Yoru showed up, but their time together was like a quickie, leaving Eto wanting more. As the night turned into day, Yoru ghosted, leaving Eto with vivid memories of their mind-blowing encounter. The second story is all about Orikasa Yumeko and her crush, a teacher. Yumeko is one bougie rich woman, all high-class and noble, but she’s got her sights set on this teacher. She’s head over heels for him. When Yumeko found out that his crush is quitting his gig as an educator, she went straight to him. Back in the day, when he was a teacher, he was all about Yumeko’s snobby attitude, mature vibes, and mysterious allure. But damn, he couldn’t control his freaky-ass no more, so he left his job feeling all guilty.